Great question!

SAKAN is a brand. Under SAKAN, you’ll find: SAKAN platform, SAKAN community, SAKAN blog, and other resources.

SAKAN platform; which you’re currently surfing, is a platform designed to help women (students & employees) find housing in a “safe”, “on-cost”, and “timely” manner.

Contact us here for your questions & inquiries.

We currently offer 2 services:

  1. SAKAN Rent: long-term rental housing options for female employees & students looking to rent in Amman, Jordan.
  2. SAKAN Short: short-term rental housing options for females who are staying for short periods in Amman (ideally: less than 1 week).

Both of these 2 services are free of charge for women & created as a community service!

You can either register here directly (& we’ll contact you on WhatsApp within 12 hours at most) or contact us here.

SAKAN also offers SAKAN manual for a small fee to cover our costs of the above services. Click here to check it out

We are currently operational in Amman, Jordan and will be in other governates like: Irbid & Aqaba soon.

We plan to expand to other countries as well. So, feel free to connect with us and join our community from now!

You can contact us to help you find housing here.

Yes, since this service is free for women, your contribution (regardless the size) will be appreciated.

You can contribute here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the financial capacity to do that. Funds will be allocated in the future as we receive awards/grants or we collaborate with a women’s support institute.

Regarding the “calls”:

  • At this moment, we only take inquiries via WhatsApp. We also reply on our official social media platforms & email on a regular basis.
  • We do pre-scheduled calls & video calls though; to help you with any questions or concerns you might have in general about the lease, flatmates, landlord’s, advice…etc.

Regarding the “not replying to you”:

  • We’ve recently introduced the “incompatibility list”; where tenants (& landlords) who don’t align with SAKAN’s values are added to. If you’re on this list, you’ll unfortunately be banned from the platform & its privileges. The reason for this assertiveness is that we value our time and staff’s time (and mental health) as much as we value our tenants’ & landlords’. Mutual respect amongst other values are one of SAKAN’s pillars. You can check out our terms & conditions here.
  • On that note, we’re introducing a reward system very soon to balance the above equation!

Hit us here for your questions & concerns…

Your worry is well-justified.

We receive inquiries all the time from parents either looking for help to find housing for their daughters or just concerned about the whole idea and don’t know from where to start (& if they should even say yes to their daughter living alone or with flatmates) for study or work!

What we can tell you is this: We take women housing very seriously! And your daughter is literally our sister. Our process of viewing each property personally, negotiating with landlords, and following up with the tenants after they settle in the apartment, tells you all you need to know about SAKAN, and hopefully, gives you some peace that we’re doing all we can to ensure your daughter gets a house in a “safe”, “on-cost”, and “timely” manner.

Mother, father, sibling, you can reach out to us here, and we’d love to guide you through this!


One more thing, we’ve created a comprehensive manual to prepare her for this journey, you can get it here for a minimal fee.

Welcome landlord!

We do a trial period (of 2-3 months) with landlords before they’re officially on-board & verified by SAKAN platform.

Contact us here and let’s talk!

Privacy of information policy: each user’s information is only available for the user herself and will not “under any circumstances” be shared with anyone or entity; regardless the kinship.

SAKAN platform is inclusive for women of all ages and social statuses (single, divorced, widowed, single moms). It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, as long as you are aligned with SAKAN’s values, we’re more than happy to help you find your next home!

SAKAN platform tries its best to connect single moms with other single moms for instance; as it’s hard for most female students/employees to accept that living situation.

Feel free to shoot us your questions here.