1. You have a temporary job in Amman (whether you are from outside Jordan or from the governorates)

  2. You are late to work and there is no transportation (or you will arrive very late)

  3. You are on vacation (shopping, visiting relatives, etc.)

  4. A temporary conference/course in Amman

  5. University training/field training

  6. A nurse working in the private sector (day/temporary)

Contact us here to sign you up in the platform and help you find a suitable option…

The pricing (for this service) has been fixed by SAKAN, to ensure transparency & no-exploitation by both the tenants and property owners/flatmates.

This service is free for female tenants!

You can make additional income (to cover your bills and personal expenses) by leasing out an extra room in your house, an extra bed, or a sofa/mattress (with the consent of the landlord if you are a tenant) and with the consent of other roommates as well.

You can contact the SAKAN platform via WhatsApp here to provide us with details. We will make a field visit to the house to verify the safety of the place and get to know you personally, then we will add the room on the platform.

In the event of leasing, the platform is due a small percentage to cover our operating expenses.