Empathy is the foundation of our venture.

There’s no “customer service” training whatsoever. Our “customer service” motto (which we’ve already started applying) is to “be kind”! That’s it.

Boundaries & Mutual respect

Boundaries are what balances out EMPATHY.

Empathy is a two way street. We care about the well-being & mental health of our employees the same way we care about the tenants & landlords.

We’ve recently introduced the “incompatibility list” for both tenants & landlords.

We’ll issuing the new “reward system” in 2024. Tenants (& landlords) with a good track record on SAKAN platform, a decent reference list, and high scores (on SAKAN platform) will be rewarded.

Enabling & Empowering women

Imagine life stuck in a cramped apartment, sharing walls with a nightmare flatmate! Many women actually still think they have to endure those toxic flatmates, or they might not even be aware/able to identify them; and as a result, they stay stuck with the same toxic flatmate.

SAKAN empowers women by giving them options or at least the awareness of the options out there.

They can navigate the available options and actually “choose” whom they want to live with for a change!

No Bullying

SAKAN has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying; whether it’s in the workplace or with tenants & landlords.

Resourcefulness & Reliability

They say that a company inherits the its founder’s characteristics! I’m the type of person who gets things done , always finds a way, and goes above and beyond to serve her client; even on her own expense sometimes!

And this is SAKAN too!