– Acknowledge the real issues with the “living-alone situation” for females and give real practical tips & solutions

-Create awareness & provide the necessary tools in order to avoid these issues beforehand.

-Give women some peace of mind; that they’re not alone in this and that what they go through is totally normal and OKAY (whether it’s society’s judgment or their own mental health struggles!)


Support Channel


Just in case you’re worried about your next step living alone or with flatmates, remember: you’re NOT ALONE in this:

-Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp to ask for advice, guidance, share your concerns…etc.

-If you’re a parent/ a sibling who has concerns or questions about areas, options, renting process, SAKAN’s process or services in general, please feel free to send your questions via WhatsApp:


Social media


-We try to share enriching & interactive content in both (English & Arabic) languages on all our social media platforms.

-We carry out online competitions & rewards on some occasions.

-“SAKAN community”; in which we do weekly online webinars with influencing people on topics women living alone or with flatmates care about; e.g.: setting boundaries, dealing with different personalities…


Other resources


This section will be updated constantly.

-Roommate agreement (draft)

-The Jordanian landlords & tenants law as of 2008.

-Lease document (draft)


(If you needed other documents that we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us!)