How did all of this start?

My Own

From my own struggle; as a woman living in Amman, I’ve changed my house 5 times within 18 months. Five times of having to pack up all my things, spend weeks (and sometimes months) surfing online platforms, viewing tens of houses, and moving into a new house with new people!

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Reasons varied: uncomfortable housing, mental health distress from flatmates, incompatible flatmates, uncomfortable neighborhood…etc. It wasn’t until 2022 that I finally found a place that I could call home (away from home).

Only me?

This tough experience has left me wondering: Is this something that I only personally faced? Or was it a social issue?!

I immediately started talking to 100’s of women from different backgrounds and social statuses about their “house-search & flatmates” experiences, and not very shocking, this was a mass problem for both locals & expats in Jordan! (Insights from the research are available upon request)

8 months later, I launched SAKAN Blog!

Needed or not?

After the launch of SAKAN blog in November, 2022, it got almost 2,000 visits in just 2 months; from all over the world & not just Jordan!

That gave me more confidence of the importance & urgency of the issue!

Juggling my “freelance business development & copywriting” business & the planning for the “unclear path forward”, I decided to take responsibility and create SAKAN platform and fund it all myself from A to Z!


And so it began! The long journey of finding a decent (on-budget) web developer to take my vision and thoughts to life!

The launch

At the beginning of April, 2023, SAKAN platform (MVP) went live & since then, it helped more than 750 women (students & employees) find housing in Amman for both: long-term & short-term.

Fast-forward 9 months, I currently do almost 90% of the work from copywriting to social media management (of more than 8 platforms) to listing properties, and tenant & landlord support. I outsource some tasks to freelancers as well.

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The platform & the blog are currently live here:

Blog– Platform