Who is SAKAN for?

Local & Expat females

If you’re a student/an employee looking for a home/flatfmate in Jordan, regardless of your cultural background & social status, contact us here.


If this is your first-time sending your daughter away for study or work, just know that we help your daughter find housing in a “safe”, “on-cost”, and “timely” manner, you or your daughter can contact us here


Most landlords don’t just want the rent at the end of each month, they care about whom they’re leasing to. Many are not even in the country (immigrated or out of the country all your for work), they don’t have the stomach for the whole process of qualifying tenants, answering their questions…etc.; which’s why they work with us!

You can reach out to us here to know how to become a “verified landlord” at SAKAN and let us lease your home as if it was our own!


We’d love to talk about the possibility of working together on (but not limited to):

  • Collaborate on a current project (Livelihood, capacity building, women empowerment)
  • Co-apply with you for a grant or an award.
  • Invite to apply to a social impact grant/award
  • Offer our services for your employees & partners.


Impact investors

We are picky about who we let in our home; as a venture with social impact, we need to ensure that we both share the same values.

SAKAN platform will be open for investment communications ONLY from IMPACT INVESTORS at the beginning of 2024. We’d love to talk to you before that though, contact the founder here!


People & institutes are mainly hesitant when it comes to donations since nobody really knows where their donations go!

You can ask for a list that you can choose from here & we’ll be updating you (with receipts) how your donation was allocated.

Businesses & Institutes

Let us help your female students & employees to find housing near your company/institute. We’ll be more than happy to do some awareness workshops on using the platform and preparing them for living alone/with flatmates. HR folks, contact us here!


None of the above? contact us here!